The Best Image Size and Image Format for Blogger Thumbnails

Hi, publishers. My name is Mahesh, and I work on the  Donate A Phone team. In this topic today, you will get to learn What Should be the Best Image Size and Image Format for Blogger Post Thumbnails. And how we can create customized thumbnails for your blogger post.

Blogger Thumbnail Image Size and Format

Blogger thumbnails act as the book covers of the online topic world. Our decision on whether or not to click on a topic often depends on the thumbnail. An eye-catching image can draw us in, while a boring or blurry thumbnail Image Size can easily deter us.
The Best Image Size and Image Format for Blogger Thumbnails your article's thumbnail is just as important as its title to attract views. Thumbnails draw the attention of potential viewers and help them decide which article they should ultimately decide To read—hopefully yours!

What Should be the Maximum Size of Blogger Post Thumbnails?

As you know, everyone is having trouble with thumbnail zoom in when a new update of blogger comes in 2021. Keeping in mind this problem, whatever image you use in the Blogger post-thumbnail should be the size. 640 x 360pixels.
  • – Minimum width: 640 pixels
  • - Minimum height:360 pixels
  • – Recommended ratio: 10:2
  • – Maximum file size: 400KB
  • – Accepted file types: .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG

Use contrasting colors.

You’ve seen this tragic mistake before: white text on a light background or black text on a dark background. Yikes. As I mentioned before, thumbnails are small, and there are a lot of them. You need yours to stand out, so if a viewer can’t easily read the text on your thumbnail, it’s likely your topic will be skipped.

  How you can Create Customized Thumbnails for your Blogger Post.  

  Below I have given an image, you have to download it.  
  • First, you have to download the image.
  • After that, you have to import the downloaded image into the editing software.
  • Then whatever image you want to make a thumbnail, you have to route over the downloaded image.
  • You can edit anything by coloring it.
  • But the size of the image should be exactly equal to the download image.

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